Feels good to write the report this week!. It was a good week for sure. Check out these pics and look at the Variety. capt Joey got a unicorn of a African Pompano. Check out the colors on this thing. Beautiful. We had maui wowis, BFT studs and kings showed up nicely. Heres the secret spot, Are you ready for this? here it is, THE REEF. yes, 8A. Its been great this week, even some scattered cobias. (btw the rules are changing!!!) Its a good thing. Maybe our kids will see more than the last few years.Bait you ask? Bunker! they are on the beach and in the bight. Its been simple. Bait then reef and a variety of species. Good luck and have fun. Looks like this week will have a swell on but should be calm till the weekend as usual.