Deep Dropping Trips in Port Canaveral allow you to catch some really awesome deep water fish such as tile fish, yellowedge grouper, snowy grouper and other species.

Deep Drop Fishing charters

Many of our customers call and ask what else can we catch? So we started to offer Deep Drop Fishing Charters. These charters have been some of the more popular trips undoubtedly. Also, these are seasonal and conditions have to be right. If you book one of these trips we will let you know conditions the days prior and even if we cant go deep, we may still be fine for a regular full day of fishing. Our Captains are Catching some really awesome deep water fish such as tile fish, yellow-edge grouper, snowy grouper and other species. We use electric heavy duty reels for this style of fishing. We can be in waters as deep at 700 feet. These are basically some of the best eating fish around. Please call prior too booking. We want to let you know how this fishing works. Electric reels are just that, all push button basically. You will set the lines, only 2 at a time and wait for the bite. Once you see that you hit the button. Not the typical type of fishing that you may be used to so we want to warn you about it. It can be awesome and many customers love it. ( I don’t) lol. We do have manual as well. If your feeling up to it?!?!?! Contact us anytime at 407-222-3573. Check out our friends at SpaceFish for all local reports. 

Captain Jimmy with a Yellowedge. Deep Drop Fishing Charters
Captain Chris with Golden Tiles and Tuna. Offshore deep drop trips Port Canaveral.
Captain Joe with a Golden Tile Deep Drop Fishing Charters