It was actually a really good week considering the winds shut us down towards the end of it. We saw a bunch of those maui fish around. They were mixed in with the kings, blackfins and a few sails. Maui were, 75 feet, 40lb non flouro leader, 50lb wire leader top shot, with double treble hooks, trolled at 1-2 knots, outgoing (ebb) tide, dirty water, No weeds, no rips, no specific colors and no typical rhyme or reason. I hope that helps for the mahi mahi only guys out there. oh, penn 40 squall with lightweight trolling rods, non roller guided. KINGS were very good and great sizes too. A lot of fun on the reefs right now. Bottom fishing was decent. A lot of snapper from red to bee liners. Triggers and porgies made a great appearance this week too. Shark fishing showed that we have an influx of tigers. Big ones too. every other trip is one or two studs. Good luck this week. We should see a good weekend hopefully.