Mother Nature was good to us this week here in Port Canaveral. Light winds all week and good currents.  Storms stayed at bay till the 3pm mark making 3/4 day fishing trips perfect. 

Bait: Every day the bunker were in the bight. Some days are shallow, some days deeper but gotta look for it. pelicans (not seagulls) will help you locate them or the cluster of boats, lol

Kings: One day we had them on the reef and another on pelican. A few guys were getting them in 100 float lining while bottom fishing. Go put your time in and find them

Bottom: 21 and 27 produced a great number of fish. those reds were honestly from 50 feet to who knows.. Long liners are catching them in 800 now. Grouper were slow. but fishing was great. 

BIG CREDIT to Capt Arron Vollmer. Check out this hang of reds and AJs. Look how proud he’s standing there. Thank you Arron! Great job Buddy!