The KINGS have shown up and are in full swing. What a week. We have been waiting for this moment all year. The fact that the run is a few months late is whatever at this point. They are here and let’s capitalize on it. For the locals that dont like a king, no problem. Plenty of happy tourists who love to fight a strong aerobic fish that eats well after being cooked family style at Rustys or Grills. I still don’t get it. Not sure I ever will. If it’s not a grouper or a mahi you can’t eat it. ANYWAYS, the fun fighting great eating fish are here! 

How? Where? Always have a bait box of minnows handy. you never know if the bunker is gonna be there. If they are, Load up and get more than you need so you can live bait chum with them. It’ll surely keep them behind your boat. live line naked bunker and you’ll be fine.  

The secret spot is a reef named the “Ocho Alpha”. It’s big, there’s a north end to that reef that does well. Run that ridge and you’ll be ok. 

We took a break from the bottom fishing due to it starting to get slow. Grouper bite has been on fire but definitely slowing down. 

Go Fish and be safe out there.