Here we are a week till almost Christmas fishing. We are lucky with the west winds now that will allow for some nearshore shark fishing and maybe a red drum or two. Offshore isn’t really working out too well these days. We got out one day and caught nothing but red snappers. The water was very muddy all the way to the stream. Tyler gave it a shot! But with 30mph winds on and off nothing is going to be too great. The water is muddy and just not conducive for fishing. But I get it. You’re here for 5 days and want to get out and try something. I get it. We will do our best for you as always.

Almost Christmas Fishing is normally the best time of year to fish but the weather only allows for a few days of it. Thats mother natures way of protecting her fish, lol Check out or BOATS here and if you need some other reports to read, Check out Spacefish Reports. These guys have all the latest and greatest reports every single week brought to you by all the local experts. Unless you see actual measurements or pics, You already know most are accidentally fibbing.

Merry Christmas. Stay Safe.