What a week. A very good start to March with fishing. We had a few great days on the days that the wind allowed us to go on. Weather has us landlocked once again for a few days coming up though. 

Let’s start with the kings. They are showing up in decent numbers and sizes. They are far south at the moment. but have been consistent. So the drive may be worth it for you…

The mix this week consisted of cobia, sailfish and a few mahi. Just go fish the normal king spread and you will catch these too. pretty simple. OHHH you hate kingfish? oh well. 

Bottom species like trigger, lanes and grouper fired all week. Crazy good! Check out the FB pics. Capt Tyler and Capt Joe had some really banner days.

People, it’s simple, There’s no secret spots, nothing crazy, just go spin your minnows on the reef. If you have live bait, great.  if nothing is in one spot, go north or south. Go outside the reef, go to a shipwreck. JUST GO. lol  

Have fun and stay safe. Capt Chris-