As I start these quick weekly reports, I’m always thinking of how to sum up a week differently. To continue for the 5 or 6th week in a row saying how fishing was outstanding, is almost an anomaly. It was Banner Fishing Yet Again. Even with the kings gone, it was amazing. We had grouper, blackfins, AJs, ARS (unlimited), triggers, beeliners and I mean everything. Check here at SPACEFISH for daily more weekly reports.

Amberjack and Cobia in Port Canaveral

Please check out our facebook feeds for all the daily pics. Banner Fishing Yet Again. Even the sharks were chewing hard. AmberJack limits came from the deep on large live baits. Any type of bait! The bigger the better. Those offshore fish don’t play. They will swallow it all. If your chicken riggin and catching smaller stuff, send it back down on a larger hook.  

We have a heavy blow of weather coming that started last night and should continue for the week. That’s gonna slow some things down a tad. I must say I am excited for the kings that should be showing up soon. lol. Y’all know how I love those slimers by now. For all you Mahi Mahi only fisherman, Get your tackle ready, its coming. Good week to scrape the bottoms and grease up the reels. Good luck Please check our fleet out.