What an amazing week. Beautiful ocean and thank god that hurricane went on by us. I feel bad for Louisiana at the moment. This thing is going to pound them on the 16yr anniversary of Katrina. Tyler crushed the bottom the other day. with AJs and some grouper misses. Joe has limited out every day on Kings again with cobia in the mix. Morgan had a 48.5lb king, WOW. and Zach with a hail Mary Big Wahoo Cocoa Beach fish. Weighing in at 54lbs. Now I know all anyone heard was a wahoo fish and wondering how deep on what etc. Reef, 65 feet and a dead spinning minnow. TRUTH. Check out our FLEET. This week should continue to do well as long as the water stays clean and no swells start up. Bottom fishing normally starts to get better with the colder weather but its holding just fine. Bunker have been scarce but are around. If we can only close the cat food farms in carolinas!!! Don’t expect Big Wahoo Cocoa Beach very often. For more local reports please check out SPACEFISH