One thing I am known for is being brutally honest with my customers. I’d rather not take anyone out knowing it’s gonna be rough or knowing we ain’t catching anything than to set up for failure. AND, Even after we arn you to the hilt, After we say, it’s not good and customers still choose to go a few will still complain. lol

Brutal Honesty Fishing. Here is an example of what I tell customers, Do not go. You will most likely not catch anything nearshore and it’s too rough to go offshore and you won’t catch anything out there either even if it wasn’t blowing 20.  With that…. several decided to try and make the best of it. (THANK YOU) Mostly great people as well. Our tally for the week was 5 bluefish, 1 red drum and 1 shark bite. He didn’t hook himself.. So I say to any of my readers, If there are any, lol. Stay home, wash the boat, change out some old line and eat some turkey this week. There’s the brutal honesty fishing report.

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Be safe. Happy Thanksgiving.