I would give this week a 5/10 with 10 being the best. Canaveral Fishing Report Firedup. I had the honor of fishing a few days this week with the boys and to say it was a struggle is understatement a few of those days. Did we catch fish? of course. Was it as good as it could be? No. We hold ourself to some pretty high standards so when its just decent we take it hard. Thermocline is here so the bottom is shut down. The yearly thing that we all deal with. From 35 foot to whale snot to the bottom is ice cold.  Kings were scarce as well.  Zach did manage a few maui mauis on the reef though. Its just that time of year. Nearshore has been better than offshore. Try pulling some bunker near the pier. Few scattered kings close along with some tarpon.  Short, sweet and honest. sometimes the brutal truth layed out is better. Good luck! Canaveral Fishing Report Firedup. For more local reports please check out SpaceFish