What an awesome week once again! I am telling you, this is the time to go. Captain Joe Byrd will say the same thing. Sailfish, blackfins, kings, cobes and more. The water temps are dropping and activating the fall run including the bunker. It’s a tad later than normal but it’s here to say the least. Only issue with this time of year is the weather. It’s more of a windy issue than anything. Captain Joe Byrd says to fish all the normal reefs and ridges. No secrets. If you find the live bait, net it up. If not, frozen works just fine. Use mylar rigs if using frozen baits and a small swivel for that spin. Go to FISH & DIVE for all your tackle needs. Great bait and simple stuff works just fine.

This brings us to week four of another Captain in highlight. Captain Joe Byrd. Capt Joe Byrd has been a true asset for Fired Up Charters. Maybe 7 years at this point and hopefully many more. Joe is a hard charging fishing machine. He is a people pleaser and if he doesn’t crush it he will literally cry, lol. You will see his effort, I assure you that. Capt Joe has many tricks up his sleeve and normally comes home with the meat.  He comes from a long line of commercial fishing including his dad. To say it runs in his family and blood is an understatement.


His pride really shines when you step on his boat, the Fire Fight. The Fire Fight was the OG of the Fired Up Fleet. She’s my baby and Joe knows that. Cleanliness and presentation is his forte! When I try to give him a day off from his 50 full day trips in a row he says no thank you. Capt Joe has created a good name for himself on our social media as well. You can follow him on all our sites. He truly puts on a great time for his customers to say the least. I welcome you to give Capt Joe a request and show you what it’s all about. Joey, Thank you, Chris- Check out our awesome captains here