This week I’m going to highlight one of our captains, Captain Zach Shedd. In The next several weeks there will be a new captain to showcase. I figured I’d change up the usual reports just a bit. FYI, fishing was very good this week for all the captains. Fish cooperated once again. Bottom went well with Ajs and a few grouper. Plenty of triggers and lanes on the chicken rigs. Squid strips from Fish & Dive are the trick. The mighty king macks also started to make a steady pic. Bunker have been pretty easy to net so get them when its easy. If you are having a hard time netting, use frozen minnows tipped with a skirt.


Captain Zach Shedd will be the first El Capitan to speak of. Captain Zach is pushing roughly 3.5 years now with Fired Up. Coming in from N Carolina as a Sea Tow operator he has relocated himself and his family to Port Canaveral. He literally put all his eggs in our basket. That’s honestly a lot of pressure on me, the owner, to provide the trips for him to survive. So far so good. lol Thank you Zach for all you do for us. You came with very little offshore/Canaveral experience but you are proving yourself well. Your skills (even your cast net) are improving. lol lol. 

I’m always asked by a possible new captain how much money will I make or how much work can i get? I always say, As hard as you wanna work, that’s what you’ll make. Well Zach is hungry! He doesn’t say no to a trip! He’s making an amazing repeat customer basis already! Zach, I thank you for all you do and look forward to many more years with you. Heres a few fish from his last few trips. Check out our awesome captains here.