Cobia Cobia Cobia Fishing. Not a bad week. Problem with this week was that it was good when you found the fish. They were really kind of scattered. 8A one day. Pelican the next. That’s a decent run to make if you can’t find them. Don’t forget the Lumps. That produced as well. In between that run you’ll find several wrecks that produce. downriggers do help. Start your depth at 20 feet. then a few times around the wreck 35 feet. At times i have let the ball 15 feet above the bottom. You just never know. We are seeing nice numbers of black fins all week and a few sails. Cobia Cobia Cobia Fishing was decent as well. Rays and leatherbacks produced quantity but not quality. Bottom was decent. No grouper but AJs and Reds. Current has been off and on making it a tad difficult too very hard to fish in 5 knots of current and keep that boat straight.  Go Fish! Check out our FLEET. Check out Fish n Dive for tackle and bait.