Cobia is the name of the week. Cobia Cocoa Beach Florida. Many have been seen and caught. Are they free swimming? on rays? on turtles? The answer is YES to all the above. It’s just that time of year. The water temps are right and they are here. We are even catching them on the reef trolling. Kings? YES, Now I know most of you do not care about the most fun striking fun fighting fish around but yes they are doing well right now too. Mixed in with the kings we have seen the wahoo, black fin tuna and a few mahi mahi. Bunker have been around most mornings but not always the easiest to capture in the nets. Follow the pelicans and you’ll find your Bunker. Cobia Cocoa Beach Florida, So bring that box of frozen minnows from Fish n Dive. Good luck and have fun out there. Even if it’s a bone. Oh, Check out our awesome Captains that make Fired up run the way it does. The fall cobia run can be great and just as good as the spring run. The last several years cobia runs in the March time frame became late January due to warmer oceans. Temp breaks and water clarity will hold the fish. If you can find a hard line out there you’ll find the cobia.