Tuna, sailfish, kings, mahi, crevales, sharks and not including the bottom species. Yes it was that good this week. No wind, no bad storms and a clean ocean. 

Bait was pretty good every day. Not gonna say it was 1 throw and done but bunker were around. Now is when a good quality net comes into play. Fish and Dive in Cocoa has Tim Wade nets in stock. Locally made and the best. See Nick for help. 

Now take your live bunker to the reefs and SLOW troll it. Try a looong bait and a downriggter. You must see where there chewing at. then hone in on it. everyday is different. 

As far as the mahi, it was caught on wire in 65 feet on a down ball on 8A. same as the other species. All on the reef this week. 

just get out, go fish and try different spots. 

Good luck and stay safe.