This year went from 95 degrees and humid, to fall fishing overnight. Hurricane IAN took away the 90degrees and all the humidity and gave us 60 degrees and zero humidity overnight and so far its lasting a week. But i’m sure the humidity will creep in. It seems to have taken the offshore fishing with it as well. The wind and waves really tore up the ocean. At least it’s nice out!

If you have a flats boat you can get on the mullet run and work the snook and reds over pretty good along the beach, but that’s kinda where it stops. Wait… Or if you have a go fast boat for the FAR out fish then you’re still in luck. For us here at Fired Up we rely on the “not so far out” to keep us busy and unfortunately with the muddy water and now winds it has been tough. Capt Joe has caught a pile of shorts this week. Both Tyler and Joey got non stop red snapper action. Yes this is a great time but for the locals wanting maui and marlin it’s not the greatest at the moment, lol The locals are generally spoiled but the tourists absolutley love every aspect of getting out there and catching whatever swims around. (we love that)

We are getting closer to the Thanksgiving time frame when everything gets back to normal and it opens up.

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