June, here it is already. This is a great month for me personally because Father’s day, my birthday and my 2 sons Cash and Kai birthdays, all falls within a few days of each other.  Just gonna be a great month!

     Now as far as fishing is concerned, hopefully, it’s just as good and gets even better than it was for May. We had a great month and the fish started to turn on. The bunker have finally been consistent as we were getting them from the cruise basin all the way to the pier. Just look where the fleet is in the morning and you can’t miss them. Please be courteous, please. We do this for a living and need that bait to make our customers happy, let us get our bait. No need to play bumper boats, that only drives the bait down and makes it harder for everyone. Most of the time we will share our haul. Just ask. 

     From the beach to local reefs. Tarpon, jack crevale, bonita, spanish mackeral and kingfish have been from the beach, 20 feet to about 40 feet.  We have been having a lot of fun on light tackle with all these power hitting fish. Use live bunker hooked through the nostrils on 50lb fluorocarbon leader with an 8/0 circle hook. If you start getting cut off a lot then time to put the wired stinger rigs on for those toothy kings. Keep a jig ready for the cobia for when you see or mark the bait out there, as this is the time of year they start to show up on the bait pods just off the beach. 

The near shore reefs such as Pelican and 8A have been great for the early morning king bite.  Use your stinger rigs and live bunker for the best catch.  In the last few weeks there has been wahoo to 45lbs, chunky black fin tuna, mahi and a handful of cobia all caught on king rigs in the same area. 

From the reefs to offshore has been good as well. There was a solid few days of great catches of mahi and we should still see a few weeks of it. Many fish have been caught from 140-180 feet and some days past 500 feet, It’s just a day to day thing and up to the winds and weather as usual. The basic ballyhoo rigs and skirts have been the key. There was a lot of wahoo caught recently and should still see many more to come in this month. 

Bottom fishing has also been decent. I wish I can say the grouper will continue to pick up but usually once they open the season they do kind of shut off until fall. Pinfish is a great bait for them as is croakers.  Fish the offshore reefs such as 21 and 27 and if you have any of the wrecks that’s a good start too. Don’t forget about the amber jack. They’ve been great and should continue as well.

Good luck and have a great June from your premier fishing guide charters of Cocoa Beach, Port Canaveral Orlando Florida area.