April was a tough month! Better yet, it was an absolute dump Knowles! When you could finally get out and fish a decent ocean, fishing was extremely tough. When you did hook a fish, usually an extinct sandbar shark ate it. Hopefully you got your fill of all the mahi mahi you could handle.

Don’t put your trolling gear away just yet. Dolphin fish should still be trickling up the coast. Looks for rips, edges, color changes, flying fish, and large floating debris. Try to troll with the current. You’ll cover much more ground that way.

With May 1st brings the opening of grouper season! Get the big guns out. We use 130# test on all of our bottom fishing equipment. Anything less than that and you’re asking to be broken off. Talk to Robbie and Nick at Fish and Dive for all your bottom fishing needs.

Use appropriate weight for the depth and current you’re fishing in. The grouper bite has been pretty solid the past few weeks.

Hopefully that stays the same for a bit. Bottom fishing should be in it’s prime right now. Use large baits for grouper and amberjacks and to also help weed out the extinct red snappers…and cut squid on a chicken rig to catch smaller stringer fish like triggerfish and snappers. If you keep feeding your fish to sharks, move away. I promise you, they will not stop eating everything.

Nearshore reef fishing will be pretty slow but you can expect the usual suspects swimming along the 80-100′ reefs. Kingfish, sailfish, stray maui, cobia, bonita, barracudas, and sharks tend to be the best bet. Have live bait. Bunker is your best bet this time of year with the amount of bait that’s on the reefs. Bunker Bunker Bunkah

If you can’t get live bait, ask Big Stan on the Sea Leveler boat for some. He’s usually good for supplying everyone with bait. If that doesn’t work, slow troll a cigar minnow with a pink king buster on your normal kinfish rigs.

Let’s cross our fingers that this wind stops blowing finally and we can get back to fishing like normal!

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