Another week has come and gone. Fired Up Fishing Team at it again. I’m going to say thank you to my captains that make this operation run. The front lines of the TEAM. I had the honor to fish some with them this week and had an absolute blast. We didn’t care what we caught and we crushed it. Yes we had perfect conditions but to fish 5 bottom rods including Capt Billy with the electric 12 hook rig we still had zero tangles. Thats where the experience plays in.


Bottom was on fire. We had 100’s of pounds of hero reds that we wasted our live baits on but caught more bait while offshore that helped land all the meat we wanted. Capt Tyler came in clutch with his spots while Capt Gully couldn’t get a min to eat his Jersey Mike’s sub and of course Capt Joe kept the Bluegills flowing. Zero kings this week. This is what fishing is all about! Going out and having a good time. Not being choosy and spoiled. Time with great company. Memories. That’s why I started fishing. because of days like this.  GO FISH! Thank you guys, Looking forward to the next one. Fired Up Team Fishing. Be sure to check out or Captains.