Good fishing to enjoy. The weather wasn’t the most cooperative with the fog and wind but we managed a few good days off shore. be careful with the fog! it’s thick but it’s been burning off fairly quickly. Capt Tyler did outstanding with the conditions. He maxed out his king limits each time and also a few grouper along with a pile of trigger fish and snappers. All in all it was a decent Christmas break. And thank the lord because we all needed a paycheck. 

Kings were just outside the 8A reef and it was a good pick. There was a cleaner line in about 85 feet that held the fish. Find clean water. fishing to enjoy

As far as the triggers and snapper, That was a little farther north and a little deeper. Squid is the bait of choice on the bottom species and dead minnows work great for the kings.

Pick your days and get out there. Looks like a week of crap on the way. 

Be safe