Was a great fishing week in Canaveral. Shark fishing was a 10/10 and made a lot of happy customers. That’s what we want at the end of the day. Sharks fired up. Snook are showing up well too. Work the jetties, use mullet and fluorocarbon. Croakers / pins work wonders too. Moving offshore, Kings are gone this week. Hopefully we see them show up very soon. The true unicorns of Canaveral. Without them at times we’d be pretty screwed. Bottom fishing was good this week, had a few AJs and plenty of reds. The hero of the week was the Mahi and Cobia. Edge of the stream was insane with a great temp change and look what was on it. Large squid strips from Fish and Dive made awesome strip baits.   Capt. Joe and Capt. Billy layed the law down. Check out Capt. Joes bio and all of our awesome captains here. like i said, Great fishing week in Canaveral.