First off, Let’s give a huge congrats to Capt Zach for placing 2nd and 3rd with the local tournament this week. He placed with matching AJs. Way to go Capt. Zach of the Under Fire. Zach says the Full Moon Blocks Bite.

This week wasn’t as good as last week at all. Full moon blocks bite all the time. We went for 3 or 4 days with hardly a bite. Only thing we can think of was the full moon. It brought in a pile of scattered weeds and shut the ocean down. It’s definitely coming back each day though. Bottom has been better than trolling. 

  • Bait. The bunker disappeared as well. You gotta look but it’s around and you’ll want to grab some. Again, do not leave home without the frozen sardines or minnows. Tip the frozen with duster skirts.
  • Reef fishing. I’d love to say go get your bunka and go straight to the reef but not this week. It is slowly improving each day so by the time you see this it may be back to firing. You will be shagging though! No joke, it’s that bad!
  • The Deep. Grouper and AJs are about the only thing eating the last few days consistently. Many of the wrecks are producing the bite. It was a little better than the northern 27 grounds. 
  • MAUI. Was a terrible week for them. The Canaveral Mahi run is gone. Or maybe we will get 1 more wave. Either way, who cares. Bring on the Kings as my good friend Wiggy says. Full Moon Blocks Bite
  • Sharking. Capt Zach and Capt Arron have not done so well this week either. When I say the ocean shut down…That’s what I mean. Let’s just hope the moon effects are gone.