We had a great fishing end to some bad weather. Capt Joe did great bottom fishing for triggers and lanes and Capt Tyler did great on the cobia for a few days. These Captains work so hard every day to put you on fish. Kings turned on for a minute as well. Last week was honestly a very good week. We shall see how long this wind lasts and what it does to the ocean. Bunker were fairly easy to get as well. (remember the days that you never had to buy backup bait? total mismanagement of the fisheries on every level.) Well, Time to do some overhaul work and fix a few things.

Stay Safe and please take a stroll through our website and check out the BOATS or the CAPTAINS. Did I say it was a zero fishing week?

We also work with these few shops locally. Check out the FISH shop and for any additional reports please check out SPACEFISH REPORTS.

The two fish on the bottom left are Mahi Mahi or Dorado or dolphin or green ones. lol Many names for a great eating fish. But please know that these are not the only fish in the ocean to eat! Those triggers and lanes are way better.