Happy 4th of July. I hope you all understand the meaning of the 4th and what we are going through at the moment….Go Brandon. 

Bunker, If you want to get a good shot on them get there before daylight like Captain Joe does. They are loaded in the port and 1 throw will do. Once those stupid cruise ships come in the bait gets scattered. Don’t leave home without a box of frozen minnows or sardines just in case.

Chicken rigging this week was very good. Some large triggers all week long. Great eating fish and fun style of fishing. We are currently fishing 27 for both the chicken rigging and the bottom fishing.

SEAWEED. What is going on with this ocean and the weed issue. it’s gonna make someone go postal very soon. Nearly impossible to troll the reefs. And it’s getting worse daily and monthly. Absolute strain on the entire industry. It’s already a tough enough job. I remember people saying, man this is the dream job.lol lol.  I admit when it’s going smooth it’s the best in the world. but lately….ugh 

Here’s a few pics from this week. Warning. These pics make it look amazing but be warned…. Happy 4th of July