I don’t even know where to start with this. Is the end of the world near? I mean WTF! Please God, we need your help, we are trying to make a living! First Covid, Then election fraud and now wind. Not just a breeze every few days but hurricane winds for 2 months straight? Honestly I get it. I do. You’re keeping us off the water to let the fish spawn and procreate for us. You’re making us spend time with our families, you are teaching us a lesson. (i’m good now) Really, I am. lol  I wish i could tell you readers and customers how awesome the fishing is but I can’t even get out of the inlet with 20 knot winds every day. straight out of the east. No hiding. no nothing. I can’t even sell a port fishing trip right now. But you gotta love this. NO ONE CARES. It’s true, Insurance still wants their money, Storage still wants their money, Maintenance still needs to be done and that ain’t cheap by no means. Can’t catch a damn break. Everyone wants their money and we gotta worry about the rent! Appreciate it! Im Happy for those who got one hell of a paycheck on the PPP. we got nothing. And for the SBA loan,,,, You better pay that off asap. read the fine print on that one. Pretty much a government scam. Other than that life is great. Anyway. I have a fresh bottle of costco tequila to open up. Enjoy your week.