10/10 week. Yup, it’s been a while since that happened. Great water conditions, clarity, warm, calm and just pretty. Kings are firing hard and live bait is plentiful. Even capt Zach managed to float the net a few times. (love ya dude). Mixed in the kings were “green rockets”, Capt. Joe managed what looked like a day in May a few times! I swear that horseshoe! Capt. Tyler with the Grouper and AJs coming in clutch. Customers were happy and had no boat issues. I honestly can not ask for more than that. We had a few hard weeks with issues. OH, almost forgot, Capt Morgan with the hookup on a sail. He had sails playing with him daily all week and one finally stuck for the full fight and release. (we been giving him a hard time,lol”)  Like i said all in all a 10/10 and we cant ask for more than that. Good luck and go get em. kings are firing hard if I didn’t say that. Check out this SPACEFISH report as well for many local reports. Please check out our FLEET