Every day all of us captains talk and always say, when is it just gonna be easy and fun again. It’s a struggle many of the days. Not sure if it’s just mother nature and some moon phases and odd ball currents but it’s just been tough. The guys are doing extremely well but taking it very hard on themselves.  GUYS, I know it’s tough! Thank you for all you do!!! I appreciate you all!

Bait has been better than worse this week. For the most part the bunker have been around but don’t count on it. They have been more consistent north of the tip. You may also find Poons up there as well. hint hint. 

The reef has been muddy one day and clear the next. If it’s mud, keep driving. Don’t waste your time. If you manage a nice day, you will find kings, mahi and maybe even a cobia. It’s productive when the conditions presents itself. 

Deeper water….AJs have been good. Sharks have been better this week. Not sure where they went…. I’m sure they will be back soon eating most of your catch. 

Saw a bunch of groupers as well.  LARGE baits are the trick. 

Good luck and let’s all pray for a good ocean to reveal itself.