The winds are non-existent and the bunkers are plentiful. Port Canaveral fishing is Hot. Is it me or has it just been brutally hot out? To our guests, please hydrate the day prior and day of. Lay off alcohol and coffee. it’s HOT. This is Port Canaveral fishing at its finest right now.

Take your bunker that you cast neted and hit pelican or 8A and you will do just fine catching kings and random species like cobia, sails and mahi. All the fish are in the same areas. Check out Capt Joey’s pics from this week. Absolutely killed it every day. What we noticed this week was that the fish are turning on and off quickly. Just cause you’re not catching them now, grind it out till you get them fired up, chum the water with live bunker and they will start to show up. Throw out handfulls of bunker and the kings will sky rocket on them.

We haven’t done much bottom fishing this week. That’s been a little slow and honestly consistent this time of year. But you can still give it a shot and try to get an AJ hooked up. remember the rule change on them. Go to FWC website regularly.

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