Honestly it’s not even worth writing this week’s report again. I swear, Mother nature is destroying our efforts and profits. I’ll try to say the glass is half full or empty or whatever the positive one is these days but jeez. The fishing is actually good but we can’t get out for so many days at all to really go at it. It’s so good that we go 8 miles and we kill it, 15 and kill it then we have to turn around with the 12 noon fan switch with 20 knots from the east. kings are close and up to 40lbs on the beach. (follow the bait)  Jack crevales schooling around (gotta look)  cobia swimming up to the boat, and mahi in 65 feet… yes 65 to all you MAHI ONLY peeps. well maybe 75. Looks like the next 10 days starting this tuesday is fubar. 25 knots and zero fishability. wait till next weeks report, I will try to be more blunt…..  Good luck, Have fun and please for the love of God this week, be SAFE.