Not a bad week at all. We had a few shark trips that worked out ok when the winds were westerly. Capt Joe lured in a giant 12-14 foot hammerhead that was eating the little sharks in the area and decided to eat our bonita. After a 2hr chase we safely released it for another day. Got some great pics and videos. Please look at our fB page, very impressive to see such a creature. Can you guess how deep we were in when we caught this?  

Pushing farther offshore to the reefs and ledges, one day good one day bad. lol that’s called fishing.  We saw some great species all week. Cobia, kings, mahi, tuna, and almost every single bottom species you can think of. It’s been great. Pick your days and get out there. Looks like we have a week till we loose everything due to the weather. Remember, The day before the front, if its calm, GO

Have fun and stay safe,  Chris-