We got out a few times this week and with the wind and mudd… Just wasting time fishing.  I told customers that if they were my family I would reschedule or not go and people still wanted to give it a try, I get it. I really do. The Captains had a few shark trips this week and couldn’t get a bite. Not even a croaker. pretty dead out there. Water is just not right after the wind and storms. like i said, wasting time fishing.

Fired Up Fishing Charters has honestly had a terrible winter fishing. I haven’t seen weather this persistent in years. The wind just has not let up. Hurricanes and wind non stop. The crew managed a few offshore trips and all we had was a few red snapper releases and a few other little species. So, wasting time fishing. Looks like wind will be ok this week to try again but who knows. Forecast looks all over the place. If your bored, Check out some of the bios on our Captains Page

I would also invite you to Check out our friends at SpaceFish. They have all the local fishing reports.

Good luck and see you out there. Stay Safe