We managed to get out on the water this week two times. Capt Tyler did well considering the muddy and crap conditions with a nice board of triggers and red snapper. Capt Joe did a shark trip and managed a decent one for an eager young man. Then we canceled the next 15 trips due to weather once again. So there’s the truth to the week. It’s just that time of year but I will say it’s the worst winds we’ve seen in many years. We always manage to squeak out a solid Thanksgiving week but nothing this year! Normally it’s a 50/50 go this time of year but it’s like a 90% no go this year. The Bull reds (RED DRUM) are near so pick your days for them. Fun close to shore days. Good luck and get out on the water this week! check out our BOATS

This is just the time of year that the weather plays havoc on us. My advice is to pick a day and we will let you know if its worth going or not. One thing you will know is that we are brutally honest and you will know that. I would rather you be happy and not go than mad and have a terrible time.