Weather took a little turn from last week but, still pretty good conditions. This week looks like a consistent 3-4 foot with a 10 second swell, So thats not too bad. Bottom fishing was pretty good this week for Jacks and reds. No grouper for us. Kings were a little harder to come by. Live bait proved to be a little better than pulling minnows. Although it was harder to come by, it was worth the effort to get them. (If you’re chartering with us, please know we try hard to get the right bait. give us a chance to do it right) Some of our guests get annoyed when we look for bait for so long or “waste” the time.  We assure you, we want fish on the lines asap and bunker do not penn well overnight. Nearshore shark fishing has been great most trips. Some trips are a goose egg but most are great. I sure wish I could tell you when they will turn on or off but thats just the nature of the beast:( Good luck and we hope to see you out there!