It was not the greatest start to a week but ended off with a bang. Capt Tyler nailed a 42LB BlackBelly! Ate a bunker in 120 feet. Gotta Love It. When I say greatest start I mean the entire week really sucked. The grass is so bad still that you can not troll a bait! Shagin away. It’s really taking a toll on the guys to say the least.I am sorry for that and hope it turns around very soon. 

Joe has been netting his bunker in the Port around 5 am. If you want bait, that’s the time to get it. One and done every day for him. Good work! 

Bottom has not been good either, Some days you can’t lose a squid. It’s that bad! It really makes for a tough charter. 

Here’s what’s awesome, shark fishing. It has honestly been better than offshore. Bonita chunks are working miracles.