Basically a repeat of the last month or two. We went out 2 days this week. Maybe 1.5 days actually. The wind has just been so bad making it unsafe. It’s not worth it. We all hope to just have a few more weeks till we get some summer calm days. 

As we all know grouper season opened up and we all did pretty decent. Amberjacks, red snapper and grouper were in the mix. 

Joe did well with the mahi mahi, kings and some cobia.  

We used very large baits for the bottom fishing to weed out the snapper. The bigger the better! Live bunker was the trick for everything else. We did nothing special or different than just fish the reefs and we caught plenty of mahi. much nicer on live bait. For those wondering, 75 foot, wire leader with a swivel, double hooked stinger rig, live bunker. Sometimes we throw a king duster on it but not this week. 

The fish are there. We just need the right weather. Good luck out there and stay safe.