What a week! Again folks, this is the time to go. Fired Up is limiting every single day with the mighty King Macks. All very good size. We have seen some smokers as well. You gotta love light tackle fishing for some large fish. Top water king hitters is the best fishing and most fun to watch. I love seeing the heavy tackle and 30 wides leaving the marina. Folks, It’s not needed, 25lb gear, keep it light, keep it fun and give the fish a chance. Mixed in are black-fins, sails and cobia, and for you mahi mahi only people, Yes they are in the mix as too. So I say, what a week. Slow trolling is the way to go. As a result, Live bunker are the key but the frozen minnows are working just as well. If you need to buy some minnows, Go to Fish and Dive. The reef and ridge are both productive, as long as you find the clean water you will be ok. You may have to push off the structure a few miles to find the edge of dirty and clean but, it will be rewarding. 

Bottom fishing is very productive right now. Large live baits of any types are doing the trick. AJ’s and grouper are chewing as well as the ARS.  Venture on out to 27 and you’ll be just fine. There you go. Short and sweet. All you have to do is GO! Have a great what a week. lol