OH MAN, what a week and I’m finally excited to talk about fishing once again. The wind has gone and the ocean is now fishable. She showed us her plentiful bounty all week long. We had Capt Down Low Joe with Cobia, mahi, kings, triggers, AJs, grouper and much more. Big live baits were the key for everything or Joe said they were chewing the bunker just fine. He did tell me today that the bottom may be getting cold since he cant loose a squid today, (sunday). Plus seeing a few species up top will give you that hint.

Capt Tyler gets a big congrats on placing 1st with a 38Lb Gag in the CFOA Tourney. With Capt Tyler at the helm, our Kosiba anglers/friends in the rear, it was no match.  lol  they got lucky. In all seriousness CONGRATS. I know it was a fun day and that’s why we got into this game. 

People, This is it. No excuses now. get out there and fish.

Have Fun Stay Safe,  Capt Chris