What an awesome week we had. No Kings but pretty much every other species you can think of. Stellar. The way Canaveral was known for. Sails, Cobia, Blackfin, Groupa, AJs, and all the bottom fish. Now don’t get me wrong, We would’ve loved a great run of kings but with the previous week of winds water was dirty to 200 feet, hence no kings. Turbos according to Capt joe have been in the port early.  like 430am early. They have really made the difference on catch’n verse fish’n. Check our FB out for all our recent pics so you know we aint lyin. Turbos are a large bunker. thats all. large baits have been key with the bottom fish. Knocker rigs and 3 ways. Jigs have worked well too. only issue using 7$jigs are the sandbar sharks., Yes they are all over. Good job NOAA and whoever else creates the rules. You have helped ruin our industry. thank you guys. MORONS! Sandbars overpopulate, Red snapper overpopulate and Goliath grouper overpopulated, Yet you increase king limits. next you will shut kings down and they will be eating our grunts on the way up. MORONS…mismanagement at its finest….. Anyways, Great week