This was a great week. Winds gave us about 3 days to fish offshore and we capitalized on that. A slow pic of the mahi fish mixed in with the steady king bite. Thank the lord they showed up a few weeks ago. They make a lot of tourists very happy. As far as the locals go, They want nothing to do with a fun fighting king mack. I honestly don’t get it. Ajs and a few groupers are coming in but of course they are being released until May 1. Plenty of reds to release out there as well and have fun with. The local reefs and shipwrecks are doing the trick nicely. Live bait is scattered as usual. If you can’t find it do not worry. Frozen minnows are doing the trick as well with a nice skirt. Nearshore sharks are the best we have ever seen. Very consistent, many species and some nice ones as well. Good luck and go fish.