It was a little windy this week but managed to squeeze in a few productive days. The bunker have been stacked up well and easy to net. Even Zacks bananas are loading up. lol lol but need not worry, frozen minnows and sardines are working just fine. The color of the week for teasers is blue. The water is very clean out there so maybe that means something. who knows… The reef is where most of the action is. Speaking about Zack, He goes for the win this week on yet another hoo fish. Guys got like 5 this year and believe me that is banner!! So bring on the wahoo charters. lol jk jk.  Capt Joe limited every day quickly on the king macks. He had some studs too. Hes good at what he does and it shows. Tyler had a few nice grouper. I guess all in all you can say we made the best of what we had. Good luck and see you out there.