Windy fishing has kept us sticking to the beach and catching a pile of sharks this past week. We did manage to get out offshore one day and Capt Tyler did well. He had a few tricks up his sleeve and as he stated, got very lucky. Truth be told, everywhere he tried he got zero fish then he found a shrimp boat and got lucky with some free swimming cobia. Definitely a gamble but a day saver this time. All in all slow is the word of the week/month once again.

Windy fishing is just not fun. It destroys the ocean and kicks up a pile of mudd. Why does this matter? The fish cant see. Its that simple. Hopefully the weather gives us what we need to get out there and earn a paycheck. This is nothing short of routine for this time of year. We are waiting for the Thanksgiving time frame when the ocean starts up again. give and take a few weeks. Good luck and we shall see you out there. 

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